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Content Marketing Articles

Thoughts on what makes content marketing work and the strategies I rely on to create meaningful content for clients. 

Connecting HubSpot to Databox for Better Insights

Over the past several weeks, the ProFromGo team has talked a lot about the different ways HubSpot helps you keep your marketing efforts organized. But who organizes the organizer? Any good marketing pro knows all of those efforts lead to a whole lot of metrics that need to be analyzed and shared with stakeholders. For ProFromGo, connecting HubSpot to Databox helps us make sense of all of those metrics, create meaningful reports and demonstrate the success of our internal marketing and sales effo

Content Marketing Needs to Keep Going

We live in uncertain times. No duh. I’m not talking about the platitude you’ve heard/seen/read from pretty much every company over the past two months. I’m talking to you—the marketing team members who are probably in the same boat I am. What the hell do we do now? How do you keep content marketing efforts going when you’re not sure what to say? By Saint Patrick’s Day, most of us were scrambling to pivot our strategies and messaging to reflect the situation every single person on the globe was

How to Create Great Buyer Personas: Santa Claus is Coming Online

You probably have a pretty good idea about who your audience is, but how do you leverage that? With a little brainstorming, you can create a unique profile called buyer personas. These semi-fictional representations of your online audience guide everything from what you post on social media, the content featured on your blog and even the overall design of your company website. Your buyer persona should be based on trends you’ve witnessed in terms of who’s most likely to engage with your brand o

Brand Storytelling with the Hero's Journey: Act III

Greetings, dear hero. You’ve made it to the final leg of your journey. If you’ve been following along with this series, you know we’ve taken our audience out of their ordinary world and into the special world of brand storytelling. Now it’s time to return our hero back to the ordinary world a little bit wiser than when she or he first started. If you haven’t read the first two installments in our Hero’s Journey, make sure to check them out first. Act I explores hooking your audience, while Act

Brand Storytelling with the Hero's Journey: Act II

Welcome back, Brand Storytelling Hero! In our last post, we introduced the concept of the Hero’s Journey—a tried and true method of storytelling that you’ve seen in everything from Homer’s Odyssey to Star Wars to Harry Potter. If you haven’t read that first post yet, you can find it here. Here’s a brief recap. The Hero’s Journey begins in the “Ordinary World.” Think Tatooine or Number 4 Privet Drive. It’s where we first meet our hero, or in content marketing terms, our audience. At this stage,

Brand Storytelling with the Hero's Journey: Act I

Brand storytelling starts with creating a content experience your audience will love, but it isn’t as easy as posting to Facebook a few times a week, or even regularly updating to your company’s blog. That’s because audiences are looking for a longer experience. Folks want to immerse themselves in your brand and really get to know you. After all, they’re probably coming to you for answers or to solve a problem. But that’s easier said than done. As a content strategist, I help organizations thi

B2B & Service-Based Industry Articles

From human capital management to custom tooling and grinding equipment, learning the ins and outs of various brands is crucial to creating quality content for their audiences.

5 Online Resources for Machine Shops

Even as most parts of the country ease back into normal life, a lot of us are still spending more time at home than we normally would. It’s all about using that time as productively as possible. Sure, we’re all champing at the bit to get production back up to full speed, but in the meantime, use your hours at home wisely. There are plenty of amazing online resources for machine shops that will help stay up-to-date, discover new innovations and maybe even teach you a thing of two. Here are just a

Workplace Romance Do's & Dont's

Ah, it’s Valentine’s Day and love is in the air. For some reason, there’s a winged baby floating around your office shooting employees with heart-shaped arrows. Flagrant health and safety violations aside, this little cherub certainly needs a refresher on your organization’s workplace romance policies. So before you head off to that romantic candlelit dinner, wouldn’t you love to go over a few do’s and don’ts of workplace romance? We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, when in doubt, docu

B2C and Retail Articles

Blog articles, interviews, and other content created for clients in various sectors, including entertainment complexes, day spas, plumbing, precious gems, and even magnets.

Escape Rooms: The Perfect Team Building Activity

How would you describe your company culture? Relaxed? Formal? Trendy? Classic? Every company has its own culture, which can be seen as its personality. A company culture signals to recruits, customers or clients what to expect with the business and if it’ll be a good fit. While there aren’t “right” and “wrong” company cultures, there are healthy and unhealthy ones. If your team isn’t connecting in a healthy way, the repercussions will be felt throughout the company. It’ll even be felt by tho

Winter Self-Care Tips

Well, here we are again. Winter in Pittsburgh. If you’ve experienced the season in western Pennsylvania before, you know it’s not the easiest few months. Bad weather, cold temperatures, cold and flu season and less sunlight can all drain our mental health. That’s why it’s so important to take care of yourself during winter. Take a look at some of these easy winter self-care tips to help you make it to spring. Make Room for Some "Me" Time The holidays are over—a relief to many of us. With al

Why Does It Take So Long for My Water to Get Hot? | Terry's Plumbing

Why Does It Take So Long for My Water to Get Hot? There’s nothing worse than waiting for your hot water to kick in…and waiting…and waiting. Whether you’ve got dishes to do or were just looking to hop in the shower, no one likes cold water—especially in the middle of winter. So, if you’ve ever asked yourself “why does it take so long for my water to get hot?” we’ve got a few things for you to consider. Location of Your Water Pipes, Sink and Shower There are a lot of contributing factors to con